02 \ Message Received

You are doing such an amazing job listening to your intuition, listening to our guidance, and trusting. This is a major step in your ascension and you are clearly making strides to play an active role.

Savor where you are in the now more often. Tune into us throughout the day. Set a meditation schedule so we can better, and more clearly, connect with you. Find time to return to your center. Build the routine so we can build a relationship with you.



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03 \ Message Received

Everywhere you go is meant for you. There is no good or bad. Only purpose and soul lessons. If something you are going through currently seems bad, hard, or difficult, zoom out. What lessons are you l

01 \ Message Received

What is it you are looking for? Is it home? Is it safety, love, family? You have everything you need if you first ask and then trust. The Universe wants to deliver, but first it needs to know you are