04 \ Message Received

Try to meditate more. This will bring you in the headspace you need for peace, for trusting yourself, and for manifesting what it is you want and need. Don’t get caught up in the worries of tomorrow or today, instead, take a moment to connect with yourself, to connect with me and your other guides. We can show you the way. Vibrations are like a plain. You can easily get caught up in one layer. Stuck in the parallel of the current vibration. It takes conscious effort to move up a level, to move up a plain, to move up a vibration.

Taking small moments for yourself will increase your ability to increase your vibration and frequency, bringing you to a matching vibration to the thing it is that you want. When you match, you can’t help but attract with ease. The sun sets on what we call trouble, dis-ease, fear. Rise to the challenge of meeting every day with the vision and knowing that you will increase your vibration. Tune into the frequency of love and trust. Trust for yourself, trust in the Universe, trust in your guides. We are all working for you and your highest good. Everything is working out according to plan.

Trust. Raise your frequency and trust.



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05 \ Message Received

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